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TM0310 Overview

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The TM0310 is a multi-purpose internetworking platform capable of supporting fifty or more users, depending upon configuration.

The TM0310 can support multiple Internet service providers and/or private data networks in any combination.  It supports inbound VPN remote access connections and inter-office VPN connections.  Optionally configured with up to 8 ethernet ports.  An optional 802.11b/g wireless radio can be operated in client, AP, or WDS modes.  Customers looking for fault tolerant, 24x7 solutions should consider the TM1100.

Common applications for the TM0310:

  • Excellent for medium and larger offices that interconnect over private and/or public networks.

  • Use two, three or more T-1, DSL, and/or other WAN connections to get increased bandwidth and reliability. Connectivity is ensured even if a network link fails.

  • Securely connect to other offices.  With multiple network links (see above), VPN connections also benefit from increased bandwidth and reliability.

  • Allow employees to connect to the office remotely via VPN Remote Access Services.  Control which users have access to what network resources and applications.

  • Use QoS to better utilize network links.  Don't upgrade bandwidth to support congested periods that are more correctly controlled by guaranteeing bandwidth to important applications and limiting bandwidth available to less important traffic.

  • Support multiple local networks and/or implement a DMZ for deploying public network services securely.

  • Support a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless network link.