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TM1100 Overview

ImageThe TM1100 is a gigabit class network traffic and security appliance in a compact 1U platform.  Two TM1100 units paired together create an active/active, fault tolerant internetworking solution.  The TM1100 is capable of supporting thousands of users, depending upon configuration.  Paired units enable internetwork designs having no single point of failure -- hardware or network.  Its exceptional expandability and networking support allows connections to multiple local and wide area networks with full QoS, firewall, VPN, load balancing, and fault tolerance.  The TM1100 is suited for high bandwidth applications where performance and reliability are critical.

Common applications for the TM1100:

  • Excellent for internetworks comprised of larger multiple offices where downtime is costly and unwanted.

  • Use of high bandwidth WAN connections, such as DS-3, munincipal ethernet, or fiber.  Use VPN over public  or private networks to interconnect offices.  In paired configurations, connectivity can be ensured even if a network link or a hardware component fails.

  • Allow a large field and telecommuting staff to connect remotely via VPN Remote Access Services.  Control which users have access to what network resources and applications.

  • Use QoS to better utilize network links.  Don't upgrade bandwidth to support congested periods that are more correctly controlled by guaranteeing bandwidth to important applications and limiting bandwidth available to less important traffic.

  • Support more complex network configurations: multiple LANs, DMZs, load-balance across proxy/cache servers, etc.  The TM1100 will integrate with your existing technology and still provide very high performance.

  • Implement VPN connections to business partners.  TM1100 VPN technology is industry standard and compatible with most VPN products.

  • Support multiple point-to-point wireless network links in a multi-building campus environment.