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Terms of Use

Your use of this website implies your agreement to certain Terms of Use, as outlined here.

  • When posting content to this site, you shall always maintain a high standard of professional courtesy.

  • You shall only post lawful and legal material relevant to Titanium Mirror products and/or network computing issues.

  • You shall post nothing to this site that violates another person's or corporation's proprietary rights.

  • Much of the material available from this site belongs to Titanium Mirror, Inc. or other third parties and you agree to abide by their respective terms of use.

  • The Titanium Mirror logo, the Titanium Mirror, Inc. name, Titanium Mirror products, documentation, manuals, firmware, firmware updates, and other items owned by Titanium Mirror, Inc. may have Terms of Use that are more restrictive than outlined in this general document. Download, viewing, or use of any of these items imply your agreement to abide by these Terms.

  • Reproduction or use of any Titanium Mirror material is expressly forbidden without the prior consent of Titanium Mirror, Inc.

  • Access to materials on this website are granted for the purpose of personal use or use internally within a corporation. Reselling or redistribution of Titanium Mirror materials is expressly forbidden.

  • Certain material on this site is available only for customers. Access by or redistribution to non-customers is expressly forbidden.

  • You understand that the service provided by this site may be terminated at Titanium Mirror's discretion should you fail to abide by the Terms of Use

Any questions regarding the Terms of Use may be directed to Titanium Mirror, Inc.