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TM0100 Overview

ImageThe TM0100 is a dual-purpose internetworking platform capable of supporting from one to twenty users or more, depending upon configuration.  The TM0100 allows connections to two separate Internet (or private data) service providers to increase performance and reliability.  It supports inbound VPN remote access connections and inter-office VPN connections.  With the option for dual 802.11b/g wireless radios that can be operated in client, AP, or WDS modes, the TM0100 is a great platform for wireless networking zones or hotspots.  Incorporate the outdoor enclosure and the TM0100 is a valuable component in campus and munincipal area wireless networks.

Common applications for the TM0100:

  • Excellent for small to medium sized offices.

  • Use two business class DSL, fractional T-1, etc.  Get increased bandwidth and reliability, since connectivity is ensured even if one network link fails.

  • Securely connect to other offices.  With dual network links (see above), VPN connections also benefit from increased bandwidth and reliability.

  • Allow employees to connect to the office remotely via VPN Remote Access Services.  Control which users have access to what network resources and applications.

  • Use as a wireless endpoint in a wireless network.  Support encrypted customer connections, bidirectional bandwidth limiting, and integration with Radius servers.

  • Use as a wireless acces point.  Support for multiple radios and ethernet uplinks increase flexibility.

  • Use the outdoor enclosure for wireless networking flexibility.