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TM0310 Features
ImageHighly Reliable

The TM0310 is highly reliable. It has no moving parts to fail. Dual flash firmware prevents interrupted or corrupted upgrades from incapacitating the system. For true 24x7 reliability, consider the TM1000.
ImageLoad Balancing

Make full use of idle backup links. The TM0310's distributed technology balances traffic across all active network links and automatically compensates for link failures and link restorations.
ImageVirtual Private Networking

Use public networks like the Internet to cost effectively connect offices using secure and standards compliant VPN technologies. Easily combine load balancing with VPN to maintain secure connectivity even if a link fails.  Industry standard VPN supports secure office to office and individual remote PC connections.
ImageQuality of Service

The TM0310's QoS facilities prioritizes traffic based on rules you define. By guaranteeing bandwidth to important applications and limiting bandwidth for low-priority uses, you can simultaneously maximize internetwork performance and reduce bandwidth requirements.
ImageDynamic Stateful Firewall

The TM0310 contains an advanced, high performance, stateful firewall. System services automatically add their own low-level rules, minimizing security misconfigurations. Administrators add high-level rules as any combination of IP addresses, application definitions, interfaces, users (for on-demand VPN connections), and user groups. The TM0310's distributed technology maximizes security by only activating those rules that are relevant for the current system state.
ImageActive Object Technology

Administrators create service objects defining internetwork behavior. Objects then interact as events occur. For example, changing an external IP address may affect routes, VPNs, QoS and firewall rules. A TM0310 administrator simply changes the IP address of the remote host object. Dependent objects see the change and automatically perform their own reconfigurations.
Other services and features of the TM0100

SNAT, DNAT, DNS per-domain forwarding and caching, IPSEC, PPTP, CIPE, Ethernet 10/100, 802.11b/g wireless AP and client, connection rate limiting, remote syslog logging, SSL-based web interface, NTP client, rdate server, dhcp server, dhcp client, interface redundancy, IPV4 routing, route interrogation, firmware updates, configuration backup, NetFlow agent. Supports protocols ARP, IP TCP, UDP, ICMP, GRE, IPSEC, PPP, PPTP, DHCP, HTTPS, MD5, SHA-1, 3DES, ISAKMP, SNMP, and others. TM0310 units come standard with four Ethernet interfaces. Expansion options include additional ethernet ports,  802.11b/g radios and hardware encryption acceleration.