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Welcome to Titanium Mirror

Titanium Mirror delivers innovative technology that allows our customers to create highly available internetworks with no single point of failure.  Our products and services deliver high availability without sacrificing ease of use or cost effectiveness.

Titanium Mirror technology can benefit those who:

  • Interconnect networks at multiple locations
  • Have users who access network resources from home or the road
  • Have not implemented high availability because of its traditional cost and complexity

TM0310 Overview

ImageNow Available!

The TM0310 is a multi-purpose internetworking platform capable of supporting fifty or more users, depending upon configuration.

Firmware 0.7 series new features

The 0.7 series firmware, released October 30, 2008, offers a number of new features and positions TMI devices for additional features and enhanced performance in the future.


Titanium Mirror offers a range of products and services to manage your internetwork. Securely and reliably connect remote offices, customers, business partners, and remote users.  Create interconnections across public networks like the internet or private networks like Frame Relay.  Titanium Mirror excels at leveraging multiple WAN links from different providers to create internetwork high availability.

The TM0300 has been replaced by the new TM0310, which offers more features and expandability with no increase in price.  Small quantities of the TM0300 remain available; contact us for more information.

What is an internetwork?

Internetworks provide secure network connections between offices, partners and remote users.  TMI's network appliances, installed one per site, make internetworking easy and affordable.  Contact us for more details.